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  1. Randall Preiser on

    A elegant and entertaining swish pattern that visually (with great audio
    and kinesthetic (deep bass) associations) demonstrates a highly effective
    method to deeply change that for this. Very creative and certainly an inner
    educational contribution going forward. Congratulations!

  2. Parker Pineault on

    Thank you so much for your creative video. I have a question… I’ve been
    learning about NLP off and on for the past two years. I have yet to
    encounter a way to use swish pattern to help me stick with studying for
    school and even studying NLP. Would you have any suggestions?

  3. ok so how would this work….when car retailers use a picture of a woman to
    sell a car when you see the woman the picture of the car would shrink? they
    want u to want the car so basically they want to associate both with each
    other, so how would this not just make u accociate dougnuts with being ur
    ideal self…jus a thought

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