Career Change Counselling


Career Change Advice and NLP Modelling

Effective career change counselling encourages and enables you to view your career as a long term project. Career change advice can help you towards your next job or career, and plan where you want to be in 5, 10 or 15 years time.

Using NLP techniques such as Values Elicitation and Neurological Levels of Change, you will be assisted to identify what’s important to you as well as your capabilities, skills and interests. These are fundamental to identifying a positive and rewarding career path, and an important process of self appraisal.

You are a product and as with any product there’s an effective way to market yourself. Communicating your value is a key principle in successful marketing. The basics of successful communication is rapport. How do you know when two people are in rapport? Looking around the office or the pub, how could you tell who had rapport and who didn’t? When two people are in rapport communication seems to flow, they seem to mirror one another’s gestures, eye contact and voice patterns. Successful people create rapport and rapport creates trust.

Using rapport you have a bridge to the other person which you can cross to lead them in another direction. You can influence them by subtly changing what you do with your own body and style of communication.

In NLP terminology this is called pacing and leading. But remember you can’t lead someone over a bridge until you’ve built it first!

Modelling is an NLP concept whereby you use the skills of NLP to elicit and reproduce a specific skill. This can be any skill you’d like to have more of for yourself, a skill that you know would enhance your own success. Maybe someone does great presentations, maybe someone always chairs difficult meetings with flair and diplomacy. It’s possible to have the same outcome using NLP strategies, you can model any skill of any person. In that sense the world really is your oyster.


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