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    *When to do the big NLP pattern?* A question from a former NLP training
    student. View this video: http://youtu.be/nu4FVxKg5jo

    Recently we started to answer our post-course NLP training support
    questions over video. A question we got in from a student in
    North-Carolina: “If I know I need to do the shame pattern (a big NLP
    pattern), and have sold 10 sessions, do I do this in the beginning or at
    the end?” This nlp training video gives an experienced NLP coach point of
    view as to how she manages sessions of packages of 10.

    There are many more NLP questions that should spark out of this video. As
    far as NLP coaching goes, this video deletes, distorts and generalizes a
    lot of information. Meta model each sentence, and you can ask some
    additional post-course support questions.

    We apologize, we currently only answer our own former students. Though we
    realize most companies don’t have organized post-course support, due to
    time constraints and commitment to our own students we strictly offer
    post-course NLP training support and coaching supervision to them.
    #NLPpattern #NLPpatterns #coaching 

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