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  1. Johnny Maddick on

    It takes time to get into the zone, the state where socializing and meeting
    girls is easy, usually one needs to do several approaches just to warm up.
    Anchoring is a ninja technique to make this transition instantly.
    I am a perpetual traveler at the moment, so it is hard to say where I am
    going to be tomorrow. However if you want to get a free consultation
    session over skype or if you are lucky to be in the same place where I am
    now, shoot me an email or leave a message on facebook, twitter or right
    here on youtube and we will arrange the time.

    Remember, if you want to change your life you must take a step forward! Be


    Eliminate Approach Anxiety is a series of videos with simple tasks that
    will help you defeat your fear of approach.

    Have an accent? Are you an immigrant? Do you live in Canada or USA and try
    to meet and date local girls?
    Dating With Accent is a program specifically design to train non-native
    English speakers to become better with girls, to help them improve their
    dating and love life.
    In this program you will learn how to approach girls, how to get their
    numbers, how to get them on a date, what to do on a date, how to get her

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