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  1. This whole thing is fundamentally faulted. It forget’s the fact that
    usually intelligent people aren’t that interested in being “successful” in
    climbing social ladder. IT doesn’t take account how many of those people
    actually care about being successful. People who are told to have low
    emotional intelligence are usually just people who doesn’t CARE what others
    think, even though they know perfectly well how they should react in
    certain situations if they want something.
    Edit: Also implying that people with high EQ does better performance. Being
    successful has nothing to do how good job you do, but rather about how good
    you are pleasing people above you.

  2. African immigrants to the U.S. are among the most educated groups in the
    United States. Some 48.9 percent of all African immigrants hold a college
    diploma. This is more than double the rate of native-born white

    Whos next up to demonstrate their own Patents, inventions, and similar.
    The truth is youre all racist. and history has caught up with you.

  3. I’ve said this for years that one cannot think clearly if they are invested
    emotionally in said subject. And there is nothing you can say that will
    change their mind. Best left to just leave these types be. No point in
    wasting any more time. Even if they are a member of your immediately family
    it makes no difference.

  4. I read EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE years ago. From what I remember, it focused
    on emotional dysfunction rather than claiming that better EI would make you
    successful. Perhaps the websites that champion EI mentioned by the speaker
    have mutated the concept beyond its original conception.

  5. I love you.But uumm,according to the British mandate of july
    24,1922 1) Preamble:says I quote” Whereas recognition
    has thereby been given to the historical connection of the Jewish people
    with Palestine and to the grounds for(reconstituting their national home)
    in that country”…end quote.
    2) My friend the words ( reconstituting their national home ) in it’s self
    interprets( jewish people) as Judah descendant Jews.
    The Holy Bible in the original hebrew text define Jews:patronymically from
    3063; a jehudite(i.e. Judaite or Jew), or descendant of Jehudah(i.e.
    3) My friend base trace dna evidence in the (Human.Genographic.Project.)and
    the Holy Bible’s indications of Genesis7:7-9:18,19 that the direct
    descendants Of Shem,Ham,Japheth the three biblical life branches will have
    and does have the oldest mtDNA on earth
    4) My friend brown,black i.e.human beings,have been confirmed as the
    fathers of all livnig beings by the H.G.Project and Deut19:15 example one
    witness life branch is the San bushman tribe of Africa the second life
    branch is Hazabe tribe of Africa: reference Genetic scientist Spencer
    Wells of the H.G.Project.
    5) My Friend base on dna evidence in the H.G.Project and the Holy Bible the
    european caucasian genetic biblical one source mtDna Gehazian white skin
    descendant’s unfounded speculative none dna evidence
    historical,claim,occupation and colonization of the land of the dircect
    descendants of Abraham,Isaac,Jocab with the oldest mtDNA by the British
    mandates of July 24 1922 is a false pretence Sham easily perceived they are
    self-evidents i.e. not Shem black.
    6) The forenic heredity trace DNA evidence done by the
    Human.Genographic.Project. has indicatively proven conclusively the direct
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    7) In a court of international law the religious and historical claims of
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    the land of ancient hebrews israelites are not valid or legally binding and
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    scientifically grounded.

  6. Christopher Columbus on

    Emotional intelligence, is something whites have a huge abundance of. Not
    only are whites creative in terms of I.Q there E.Q does nothing but benefit
    it’s already creative structure. Abstract thinking is an ability no other
    race can do better than whites.

  7. ConfrontationalRealist on

    Crypto-Rabbi lies to the American public, Jewish media promotes his lies,
    people spend money, now everyone is dumber and Crypto-Rabbi is rich. It’s
    a pattern but it works.