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  1. Creepy and sinister isn’t she? Can’t imagine how one slithers their way up
    to CEO for Common Purpose. 

  2. rascalito rosso on

    I’m TOO dim to understand this – what point is being made? Just seems like
    someone delivering a dull monologue to me.

  3. All information is programming,thats the natural function of abstract
    data.Sure metaphors are inherently dishonest as pointed out over 2000 years
    ago by Aristotle(as is all language,show me an a, an is, a was its all
    abstraction)but only in the sense that nobody can ‘run like a cheetah’ but
    that said metaphors are useful regardless in a non-deterministic world.As
    for politicians use of language well they manipulate in exactly the same
    way you will see people minipulate each other on a daily basis,they’re a
    reflection of the mindset of the public.Someone once said you get the
    government you deserve.Hope your well Ted.

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